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Constitutionalism goes global

A new blog at the WZB documents the research conducted at the Rule of Law Center and features short summaries of major articles and books by affiliated members and guests of the Center. The topics of the LawBlog which was designed by the WZB’s Rule of Law Center range from citizenship to global constitutionalism, from human rights to judicial strategy, from liberalism to transnational networks. The LawLog also highlights topical public contributions made by members in newspapers, blogs and other media outlets. more
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The WZB Mourns for Roland Habich

On April 24, our long-standing and highly esteemed colleague Roland Habich suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. He joined the WZB in 1988, initially as an academic assistant and  research coordinator in the research unit on Social Structure and Social Reporting, and most recently as the head of Central Data Management. For almost three decades, he was responsible for editing and co-publishing the Datenreport  that the WZB jointly publishes with the Federal Office of Statistics and the Federal Agency for Civic Education. These social reports were always received with great interest by politicians and the general public. We deeply mourn his death. Our sympathies go to his wife and family, and all the colleagues who knew and cared for him. more
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Rule of law – changing contexts and new challenges

The nature, objectives, and effects of rule of law are undergoing major transformations, resulting from the increasing international and transnational dimensions of governance. A new policy brief presents the new challenges of the internationalization of rule of law in a changing context. The brief is part of an international research project between Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL), the Amsterdam Centre for International Law, and the WZB  represented by Michael Zürn, Director of the research unit Global Governance. The project aims at exploring the consequences of internationalization for contemporary rule of law promotion. more
Publikationen Essay by Bruno Latour republished

The "Berlin key"

A key with two symmetrical blades? To Bruno Latour there was something surrealistic about the forced-locking key, or “Berlin key.” The technological enigma led him to its sociological dimension. Inside and outside, openness and control, concierge and tenants, spouses and lovers, occupants and thieves, having and not having: nearly all these topics are attracting the WZB’s attention in 2014 and 2015. more