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Rule of law – changing contexts and new challenges

The nature, objectives, and effects of rule of law are undergoing major transformations, resulting from the increasing international and transnational dimensions of governance. A new policy brief presents the new challenges of the internationalization of rule of law in a changing context. The brief is part of an international research project between Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL), the Amsterdam Centre for International Law, and the WZB  represented by Michael Zürn, Director of the research unit Global Governance. The project aims at exploring the consequences of internationalization for contemporary rule of law promotion. more
Presse Inequality in Europe

Education pays off

In contrast to the increasing value of education regarding employment and income, most EU member states continue to have too many people with too little or no education. Across the EU, 8 percent of young people lack a general school-leaving certificate, a WZB study on social inequalities on Europa shows. Education does pay off in all EU countries. The better qualified a person, the more he or she earns. Across the EU, persons with a university degree earn on average 44 percent more than persons who completed a vocational training program. In Germany, that figure is 65 percent, whereas in Sweden, the difference is only 11 percent. more
Forschung Article in the Journal Demography

Family formation - doing it the parents' way

Parental effects continue to have a strong impact on family formation patterns, even though demographic transitions related to choosing a partner, entering marriage, and deciding in favor or against children have changed substantially in recent years. 75 percent of all children follow a pattern similar to that of their parents, have as many or about as many children, and have their children at a similar age. Anette Fasang and Marcel Raab, two WZB researchers in the project group on Demography and Inequality, studied the patterns of family formation among middle-class American families. more