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Citizenship and Governance in the European Union

Europäisches Recht
Governance und Recht
2017 - 2022
European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant)
European University Institute (EUI)

The European Union does not have a coherent framework of either common criteria for immigrant admission into EU citizenship, or a common integration policy for newcomers. This state of affairs creates difficulties as a policy of one Member State is likely to affect other Member States without necessarily taking into account a European interest or interests of other states.

The project analyzes the interrelations between EU jurisdiction and sovereignty of Member States. It has two main goals:
[1] empirically, to offer a systematic analysis of decisions and recommendations of three authorities—Council of Europe, European Court of Justice, and the European Court of Human Rights—as well as directives and soft-law; [2] normatively, to discuss the theoretical justifications and foundations for the idea of a common European citizenship law. For example, should a “genuine link” to the Union be established through a genuine link to a Member State under its own criteria, or should there be a common European regime? Should there be a European mechanism for burden-sharing and benefit-sharing, and under which criteria? Should the Union develop common criteria for admission into EU citizenship and/or a common integration policy for newcomers? All in all, the project invites us to reflect on what it means to be “European” and examine interrelations between national sovereignty, self-determination, and EU citizenship.