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Dialogue. A Quarterly Research Journal
  Dialogue. A Quarterly Research Journal  
  Dialogue / Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia  
  Dialogue and Cooperation  
  Dialogue and Humanism  
  Dialogue and Universalism  
  Dialogue between Judges  
  Dialogue : Canadian Philosophical Review / Revue Canadienne de Philosophie  
  Dialogue & Discourse  
  Dialogue. International Edition  
  Dialogue IO  
  Dialogue on Diarrhoea: The International Newsletter on the Control of Diarrhoeal Diseases  
  Dialogue : quarterly  
  Dialogue : Revue de Recherches Cliniques et Sociologiques sur le Couple et la Famille  
  Dialogue : Revue de Recherches Cliniques et Sociologiques sur le Couple et la Famille (ältere Jahrgänge)  
  Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy  
  Dialogue / The Public Administration Theory Network (via JSTOR)  
  Dialogues at the Economic and Social Council  
  Dialogues d’Histoire Ancienne  
  Dialogues d'Histoire Ancienne (älter als 2 Jahre)  
  Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience  
  Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience & Mental Health  
  Dialogues in Critical Management Studies  
  Dialogues in Health  
  Dialogues in Human Geography  
  Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences  
  Dialogues in Social Justice (DSJ)  
  Dialogues in Sociology  
  Dialogues in Urban Research  
  Dialogues on Digital Society  
  Dialyse Aktuell  
  Dialysis & Transplantation (D&T)  
  Diametros - An Online Journal of Philosophy  
  Diamond and Related Materials  
  Diamond Light Source Proceedings  
  Diamonds in the Rough  
  Dian zi yu xin xi xue bao = Journal of Electronics and Information Technology : JEIT  
  Diana, La : nouva rassegna mensile  
  Diana, La : revista quincenal de política, literatura, ciencias y artes  
  Diana, La : rivista semestrale della Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Storico Artistici dell’Università degli studi di Siena  
  Diana oder Neue Gesellschaftsschrift zur Erweiterung und Berichtigung der Natur-, Forst- und Jagdkunde  
  Diandu-yu-huanbao = Electroplating and Pollution Control  
  Dianguang-yu-kongzhi = Electronics Optics & Control  
  Dianhanji = Electric Welding Machine  
  Dianli-xitong-ji-qi-zidonghua-xuebao = Proceedings of the CSU-EPSA  
  Dianlu-yu-xitong-xuebao = Journal of Circuits and Systems  
  DianMo : Zeitung Leipziger Sinologie-Studenten  
  Dianoia : Annali di Storia della Filosofia  
  Diánoia. Revista de Filosofía  
  Diansheng-jishu = Audio Engineering  
  Dianshi-jishu = Video Engineering