Contested World Orders

Power struggles and clashes over international institutions are never far from the headlines. A new publication, edited by researchers at the WZB’s Global Governance unit, provides a systematic framework to investigate rising powers, NGOS, and the politics of authority beyond the nation-state.

For the first time, the volume systematically examines the demands of key actors contesting international institutions. As these institutions grow in scope and ambition, they face resistance from rising powers discontent with institutional inequalities, by NGOs concerned over the future of global governance, and even by established powers seeking to turn their backs on the institutions they created.

From the WTO to conflict diamonds and climate change, the authors of Contested World Orders use a broad spectrum of methods to answer fundamental questions about the future of governance: How deep does the contestation of international institutions run? How and why have these institutions sparked transnational conflicts? And where does this leave the future of the world order?

Contested World Orders has been published by Oxford University Press (2019).

The cover of the book "Contested World Orders"
Oxford University Press

About the Editors

Matthew D. Stephen is a research fellow at the WZB’s Global Governance research unit, which is led by Michael Zürn.