Serge Nengali Kumakamba


serge.nengali [at]
Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
E 405
Gastwissenschaftler der Forschungsgruppe

Serge Nengali Kumakamba is a PhD candidate at the Department of Law, University of Graz, Austria. His research lies at the intersection of social contract theory, digital constitutionalism, and political normativity in international law, norm development in the context of digital surveillance, privacy, discrimination, and AI laws, critical legal theory, and digital sovereignty theory.

His thesis, entitled "Navigating Social Contract in an AI Surveillance State: State Consent, Public Good, and Normativity in the Midst of Global Governance and Accountability Crises”. In his dissertation, Serge is particularly interested in proposing an economic and law analysis of international law applied to cyberspace to advance a cyber-specific understanding of international law that aptly incorporates the public (common) interest viewpoint in the application of state consent in regulatory development from the of the AI-surveillance state perspective as a social evolutionary event in an emerging global cyber-society context.