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Call for Applications - A.SK Post-doctoral Fellowships 2017


Dr. Katrin Schwenk

fon:  +49 - 30 - 25491 - 535
fax:  +49 - 30 - 25491 - 514
mail:  a [dot] sk [at] wzb [dot] eu

Call for Applications

The WZB Berlin Social Science Center (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung) invites applications for the

A.SK Postdoctoral Fellowships 2017.

The fellowships support research on public policy with a focus on economic and governmental reforms. 3 Fellowships will be awarded for the duration up to 10 months and can be taken up in 2017 or 2018. Monthly stipends amount to € 2,400. Please submit applications to the WZB (including a cover letter, a CV, a copy of your PhD certificate or suitable alternative proof of having completed your PhD, a list of your publications and unpublished papers) by February 1, 2017, along with two letters of recommendation (to be sent separately by your referes).

Applications should also include a one-page work plan outlining the schedule of the research project to be conducted by means of the A.SK fellowship.

The applications should be written in English and be sent to a [dot] sk [at] wzb [dot] eu (max 4MB).

In the spirit of the A.SK mission statement, the WZB honors research presenting new ideas on economic reform and government reform in a global perspective, such as:


  • the role of entrepreneurs and competitive cooperation for economic well-being and development
  • the micro- and macroeconomic features of systems where employees participate more in the ownership of their companies through ownership components of salaries
  • the allocative and distributive qualities of systems where individual land ownership rights are limited to long-term leases,
  • the possibilities for the financial sector to have more direct links to the national production of goods and services in order to prevent monetary instabilities and speculative deformations,


  • the possibilities of governmental reforms
  • civil society and the contribution of non-governmental organizations to democratic and effective governance
  • the potential of multi-level democracies
  • preconditions of good governance in state and society.

The post-doctoral fellowships are part of the A.SK Academic Prize program which also includes the A.SK Social Science Award awarded bi-annually to outstanding research on social and governmental reform. The prizes are named after their sponsors Angela and Shu Kai Chan.

International applicants are very welcome to apply. Please note that applications for non-resident fellowships can be accepted. Both part-time and full-time residencies at the WZB are possible. In this case, please include a letter of invitation from the intended host research unit at the WZB.

Please send your application to:

Dr. Katrin Schwenk
Senior Officer for Networking and Development
Berlin Social Science Center
Mail: a [dot] sk [at] wzb [dot] eu

More information about the A.SK Award