23 06 2017 - 24 06 2017 23 06 2017 - 24 06 2017
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Ten years of research on "Migration, Integration, Transnationalization": What have we learned, where are we going?

Dr. Maike M. Burda | Susanne Grasow
mail: mit_decade_conference [at] wzb [dot] eu
fon: +49 30 030-25491-450 | -453

Ten years ago, in April 2007, the WZB established a new research unit on „Migration, Integration, Transnationalization“ led by Ruud Koopmans. The research of the department focuses above all on questions of institutional design and societal consequences of migration and integration using cross-national and interdisciplinary - sociology, political science, social psychology - approaches. In this conference, former and current members of the department will discuss what we have learned in the past ten years and which research questions will define the research agenda for the coming years.

To register, please reply by email to mit_decade_conference [at] wzb [dot] eu until June 12, 2017. Registration is free of charge; however, places are limited and will be awarded upon date of the registration.

Freitag, 23. Juni 2017 - Samstag, 24. Juni 2017
Beginn: 09:00 Uhr
: WZB, Reichpietschufer 50, 10785 Berlin, Raum A 300