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The WZB Alumni: A World Wide Network

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Forscher-Alumni-Treffen in Oxford 2018

Das WZB gehört zu den Gewinnern im Wettbewerb um Forscher-Alumni-Treffen im Ausland. Die Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung fördert die Ausrichtung eines Vernetzungstreffens der WZB-Alumni an der Universität Oxford mit 40.000 Euro. Die Konferenz zum Thema „Social Sciences in Times of Brexit“ wird am 14. und 15. Juni 2018 stattfinden.


WZB International Alumni Fellowship

Did you once work at the WZB and would like to visit it again in order to pursue your studies? Or would you want to recommend this to a colleague of yours?

Are you currently working at the WZB and would like to pursue a project at an international institution of a WZB alumnus/alumna?

Then you might be interested in the WZB International Alumni Fellowship of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


Become Alumna/Alumnus

Have you ever worked at the WZB, been a visiting/research fellow? Or were you an intern? Become a member of the WZB Alumni network - just register here or fill in the declaration of consent and send it to alumni [at] wzb [dot] eu.

Alumni reunion

The last alumni reunion took place on Thursday, 4th of May, 2017 at WZB. The event began with the discussion series "Young researchers meet politics", followed by the alumni meeting. Photos of the event are here.
To view pictures from our last alumni reunion from October 2015, please click here.

Alumni engagement

Our alumni are actively involved in the WZB in many ways - as "Friends of the WZB" or as mentors at our Career Day, advising and supporting young researchers with their knowledge and expertise.

Alumnae and alumni portraits
Alumnae and alumni video interviews.


WZB-Alumni Interviews from 2014

Since the WZB was founded 45 years ago, some 2000 persons have worked here. These alumni form a world-wide network which we would like to make visible. The alumni are important partners in dialogue - potential advisors, project partners, multipliers, employers, political allies, volunteers, and financial supporters. And they show us that the WZB is part of a tradition that we want to preserve and develop.

In 2013 a call for alumni registration went out and the feedback was outstanding: more than 750 alumni agreed to take part in the new network.

With an alumni newsletter, we want to inform you regularly about the alumni news and special events at the WZB. If you want to be on the regular WZB mailing list, you can register your name here. Please bear with us that we will mostly communicate via e-mail.

And we are always interested in news from you: whether it is your current address or the one of a co-alumnus, a new position in academia or off-campus. In the course of time we also will offer you new ideas, stories, projects, and dialogue partners on our homepage – as long as you help us find them.