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Federal Republic of Germany, Land Berlin

Board of Trustees

Ulrich Schüller
Deputy Chair:
Dr. Jutta Koch-Unterseher

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Christine Landfried

Academic Council


Prof. Jutta Allmendinger Ph.D.
Acting Managing Director
Ursula Noack

Dynamics of Social Inequalities

Markets and Choice

Research Professorship
Advice and Decision Making
Research Professor:
Prof. Andrew Schotter, Ph.D.

Digitalization and Societal Transformation

International Politics and Law

Research Professorship
Global Public Law
Research Professor:
Prof. Dr. Mattias Kumm
WZB & Free University Junior Research Group
Governance for Global Health
Prof. Dr. Anna Holzscheiter

Dynamics of Political Systems

Migration and Diversity

Political Economy of Development

President's Project Group

Trans-sectoral Research

Research Managers

Research Area I Education, Work, Life Chances:
Kristin Bothur
Research Area II Markets and Choice:
Babette Hagemann
Research Area III Society and Economic Dynamics:
Samantha Gupta
Research Area IV International Politics and Law:
Editha von Colberg
Research Area V Dynamics of Political Systems:
Dr. Elisabeth Gößwein
Research Area VI Migration and Diversity:
Reinhild Wagner
Academic Service:
Babette Hagemann
Presidential Department:
Thomas Crowe

Presidential Department

Office for Research Planning and Coordination
Dana Buyx
Office for Personnel Development and Research Funding
Dr. Martin Mann
Office for Networking and Development
Dr. Katrin Schwenk


Jana Girlich

Academic Service

Research Information
Mathis Fräßdorf, Ph.D.
Information and Communication
Dr. Harald Wilkoszewski
IT Coordination
Peter Rindfuß


Personnel and Legal Matters:
Frank Ottens
Finance and Administrative Services:
Ursula Noack
Internal Services:
Thomas Schuh

Works Council

Udo Borchert

Equal Opportunity Commissioner

Data Protection Commissioner

Representative for Disabled Employees

Security Commissioner

Contact person for the prevention of corruption

Liaison Officer for Substance Abuse Problems