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Funding for initiation and completion (flexible funds)

Twice a year, the WZB invites applications from doctoral and postdoctoral candidates for so-called flexible funding. In a competitive process a committee – composed of two doctoral candidates, two postdoctoral candidates, a department head and the president – rules on applications and the allocation of funding. To date, money has been made available to fund the initiation and closure of research work, student assistants, as well as research residencies and conference participation, among other purposes.

Subsidizing dissertation publication

The WZB awards subsidies for the cost of dissertation publication. It finances in part printing, layout, Open Access publication, and translation. Criteria for assistance are (for dissertations) standing of magna cum laude or higher, the publisher’s reputation in the specialized field in question, a peer review process of work submitted organized by the publisher, and an active Open Access policy of the publishing house.