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Library profile

The library and scientific information of the Social Science Research Center Berlin provide access to a broad range of print and electronic sources of information. The collection is oriented primarily toward the social and economic sciences. At the moment, the collection numbers approximately 159,000 print volumes and ca. 250 current print journals and magazines. Print holdings are openly accessible in the Library Tower to WZB members 24 hours daily, 365 days per year. In-house lending of books and magazines is also possible at any time. Complementary to the print collection, access to about 15,700 licensed electronic journals and numerous databases is also provided.

The entire library media collection, including all publications by WZB employees, is documented in our online catalog. Empirical data sets produced by or for WZB research projects can also be found in the catalog (in the near future). Its documentation falls within the WZB central data management’s area of responsibility with whom the library works together closely. For reasons of data privacy protection, access to these empirical data collections is restricted.

Furthermore, WZB employees can use the numerous services provided by the library, beginning with ordering books, subject-based bibliographic research on demand, introductory consultation and user instruction, the enhancement of the catalog with tables of content, through to the highly flexible and fast lending service for media not available on site. All services are introduced on the WZB internet and intranet sites or can be called up directly online.

The electronic availability of services and parts of the collection cannot and should not replace the personal assistance of WZB personnel. On the contrary: the nine permanently employed staff members (divided into 6.5 full-time positions) and four student helpers are available at any time for information; in particular, there are permanent contacts in the library for members of each research unit. Our working methods and the operating procedures are directly oriented toward the structure and content of WZB research.

Furthermore, the WZB library actively contributes to increase visibility of WZB publications: numerous WZB publications are available for download through the WZB online catalog free of charge and can also be called up through relevant professional Open Access repositories.

In the same way that the library cooperates with external partners in the development of its collection and service palette, this cooperation extends in this regard as well.