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Diqiu-yu-huanjing = Earth and Environment
  Diqiu-yu-huanjing = Earth and Environment  
  Diqiu-yu-huanjing = Earth and Environment (formerly: Dizhi-diqiu-huaxue = Geology Geochemistry)  
  Dirāsāt fī al-ṭuru  
  Dirāsāt fī taʿlīm al-luġat al-ʿarabīya wa-taʿallumahā = Studies in Arabic Teaching and Learning  
  Dirāsāt fī tārīḫ wa-āṯār al-Urdunn = Studies in the history and archaeology of Jordan / Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Department of Antiquities  
  Dirāsāt Hispānicas. Revista Tunecina de Estudios Hispánicos  
  Dirāsāt Iqlīmīya = Regional Studies  
  Dirāsāt Islāmīya Muʿāṣira = Contemporary Islamic Studies Magazine  
  Dirāsāt Mauṣilīya = Mosoliya Studies  
  Dirasat Tarbawiya = مجلة دراسات تربوية  
  Direct Marketing: An International Journal  
  Direct Research Journal of Agricultural and Food Science (DRJAFS)  
  Directieve Therapie (DTH)  
  Direction : A Mennonite Brethren Forum  
  Direction of Trade Statistics Quarterly / IMF Statistics Department  
  Direction of Trade Statistics Yearbook / IMF Statistics Department  
  Directions : Journal of Educational Studies  
  Director-General's Programme and Budget Proposals for ... , The  
  Director's Report : Harvard University Art Museums (via JSTOR)  
  Director, The (via ECJ)  
  Director, The: A Weekly Literary Journal (via BPC)  
  Directorium ad Divinum Officium Missaeque Sacrificium Iuxta Ritum S.R. Ecclesiae  
  Directorium ad Legendas horas Canonicas et Celebrandas ss. missas Secundum normam Breviarii et Missalis tum Monasteriensis tum Romani  
  Directorium Benedictino-Petrhusianum pro anno ...  
  Directorium Dioecesis Monasteriensis ad Legendas horas canonicas  
  Directorium divini officii Recitandi, Missasque celebrandi Juxta rubricas Missalis breviarii S. O. Cist.: Pro Anno Salutis  
  Directorium Divini Officii Secundum ritus S. Ord. Cist.: Pro anno Salutis ...  
  Directorium Elvacense seu ordo Divini Officii Recitandi Missaeque Celebrandae ad Breviarii Missalisque Romani Normam Accommodatus  
  Directorium Elvacense sive ordo Recitandi Horas Canonicas, Missasque celebrandi iuxta rubricas breviarii et Missalis Romani Recogniti  
  Directorium für das Erzbistum Köln  
  Directorium Officii divini Choro Monasterii Ordinis Sancti Benedicti ad Sanctam Crucem Donauwerdeae Adcommodatum  
  Directorium Officii Divini in Annum Domini ... militanti sub regula S. P. Benedicti Germaniae Superiori  
  Directorium Officii Divini Iuxta Normam Breviarii Missalis Monastico-Benedictini ad Annum ...  
  Directorium Officii Divini Iuxta Rubricas Breviarii ad Annum ... pro diversis Superioris & Inferioris Sueviae Monasteriis OSP. Benedicti  
  Directorium pro Archidioeceseos Ratisbonensis, parte occidentali sive ordo recitandi officium divinum missamque celebrandi  
  Directorium Recitandi horas Canonicas nec non Celebrandi missas Juxta Rubricas et Recentiora S.R.C. decreta pro Ecclesia Cathedrali Fuldensi ... Principis ac Domini D. Henrici Episcopi et Abbatis Fuldensis S.R.I. Principis ...  
  Directorium Recitandi officium Divinum, Missasque Celebrandi Secundum Rubricas Missalis Breviarii S. O. Cist.  
  Directorium Romano-Coloniense juxta ritum Romanum ad usum Archiedioecesis Coloniensis  
  Directorium Romanum et Romano-Coloniense clericorum  
  Directorium seu ordo divini officii juxta ritum Romanum ad usum Archidioecesis Coloniensis  
  Directorium sive Ordo Divini Officii Recitandi ac missas celebrandi iuxta rubricas missalis ac Breviarii S. Ordinis Cisterciensis  
  Directorium sive Ordo Divini Officii Recitandi et Missae Celebrandae Iuxta Rubricas Breviarii et Missalis Romani pro Choro Cathedrali Augustano  
  Directorium sive ordo Divinum Uniformiter Peragendi Officium  
  Directorium Wormatiense, sive ordo divini officii rite resolvendi, missasque celebrandi juxta ritum Breviarii et Missalis Romani, nec non Proprii Wormatiensis : pro anno domini ..  
  Directors' Alert  
  Directory / General Federation of Women's Clubs (via Gerritsen Collection)  
  Directory / Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs (formerly: Year book; formerly: ... Annual Announcement)(via Gerritsen Collection)  
  Directory of Bodies of the OECD  
  Directory of Safety Products and Services  


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