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  Auto & Design  
  Auto & Elektronik  
  Auto Steuern Recht  
  Auto Tech Review  
  Auto-Vélo, L': Journal Comique & Illustré  
  Autobiografia: Literatura, Kultura, Media (Aa@)  
  Autoimmune Diseases  
  Autoimmunity (1988 - 2022)  
  Autoimmunity (2023 - )  
  Autoimmunity Highlights (2010-2021)  
  Autoimmunity Reviews  
  Automata: Rivista di Natura, Scienza e Tecnica del Mondo Antico = Journal of Nature, Science and Technics in the Ancient World  
  Automated analysis-driven debugging (AADEBUG)  
  Automated Control for Datacenters and Clouds (ACDC)  
  Automated Experimentation  
  Automated Formal Methods (AFM)  
  Automated Information Extraction in Media Production (AIEMPro)  
  Automated Software Engineering  
  Automatenmarkt (AM)  
  Automatic Control and Computer Sciences  
  Automatic Control and Information Sciences  
  Automatic Documentation and Mathematical Linguistics  
  Automatica: a journal of IFAC  
  AUTOMATIKA: časopis za Automatiku, Mjerenje, Elektroniku, Računarstvo i Komunikacije = Journal for Control, Measurement, Electronics, Computing and Communications  
  Automation and Remote Control  
  Automation blue : Automatisierungslösungen für Wassersysteme  
  Automation, communication and cybernetics in science and engineering  
  Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems  
  Automation & Drives (A & D) : Vorsprung Automation  
  Automation in Construction  
  Automation of Software Test (AST)  
  Automation : Smarter Solutions for Manufacturing Efficiency  
  Automation Technological and Business Processes = Avtomatyzacija technolohičnych ta biznes-procesiv = Avtomatizacija technologičeskich i biznes-processov  
  Automatyka, Elektryka, Zakłócenia : E-Pismo Naukowo-Techniczne dla Praktyków  
  Automotion [Deutsche Ausgabe] : das Technologie-Magazin von B & R  
  Automotive Agenda  
  Automotive and Engine Technology  
  Automotive Body Repair News (ABRN)  
  Automotive Design (AD ; Auto Design)