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Animal Biotechnology (2024-)
  Animal Biotechnology (2024-)  
  Animal Biotelemetry  
  Animal Cells and Systems  
  Animal Cognition (1998-2023)  
  Animal Cognition (2024-)  
  Animal Conservation  
  Animal Diseases  
  Animal Feed Science and Technology  
  Animal Frontiers  
  Animal Gene  
  Animal Genetic Resources = Resources Génétiques Animales = Recursos Genéticos Animales  
  Animal Genetics  
  Animal Health in Australia  
  Animal Health Research Reviews  
  Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly Reports  
  Animal Husbandry and Feed Science (via CAJ)  
  Animal Justice UK  
  Animal Law Review  
  Animal Microbiome  
  Animal Migration  
  Animal Models and Experimental Medicine  
  Animal Nutrition  
  Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology  
  Animal - Open Space  
  Animal Production and Animal Science Worldwide  
  Animal Production and Health Newsletter  
  Animal Production : Indonesian Journal of Animal Production  
  Animal Production Research Advances  
  Animal Production Science  
  Animal Reproduction  
  Animal Reproduction Science  
  Animal Research and One Health  
  Animal Research (formerly: Annales de Zootechnie)  
  Animal Research International  
  Animal Science (1959-2006)  
  Animal Science and Food Technology = Tvarynnyctvo ta technolohii charcovych produktiv  
  Animal Science Journal  
  Animal Science Papers and Reports  
  Animal - Science Proceedings  
  Animal Science Research Report  
  Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling  
  Animal Studies Journal  
  Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity  
  Animal Technology and Welfare  
  Animal: The International Journal of Animal Bioscience  
  Animal: The International Journal of Animal Bioscience (-2020)  
  Animal Welfare  
  Animal Welfare (2021-)  
  Animal Welfare, Etológia és Tartástechnológia  
  Animal Welfare Information Center Bulletin