Making women strong

At the invitation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, WZB President Jutta Allmendinger has been appointed to the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC). The council will develop recommendations to strengthen gender equality.

The Council includes experts from academia, politics and business.

The GEAC was first established under the Canadian G7 presidency in 2018 and continued by the French presidency in 2019. Currently, the United Kingdom holds the G7 presidency.

Ensuring and strengthening women's equality is more urgent than ever in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Women in G7 countries and around the world bear the heavier burden of domestic responsibilities and home education, while the increased risk of violence due to lockdown restrictions across the globe has put more women and girls than ever at risk of domestic abuse, a council statement said.  At the same time, women have also been "the backbone of global recovery efforts, working on the frontline of the response in the health, social care and retail sectors".

The council met for its first session on April 12.



Jutta Allmendinger_download 3 (Foto: David Ausserhofer
David Ausserhofer

For more information about the Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC), see the press release.