COVID-19 and Pro-Sociality: How do Donors Respond to Local Pandemic Severity, Increased Salience, and Media Coverage?
Maja Adena (WZB)
Julian Harke (WZB)

Effectiveness, Spillovers, and Well-Being Effects of Driving Restriction Policies
Aleksandar Zaklan (DIW)
Luis Sarmiento (DIW)
Nicole Wägner (DIW)

Why people fail to see their dominant strategy in strategy-proof auctions
Yves Breitmoser (University of Bielefeld)
Sebastian Schweighofer-Kodritsch (HU Berlin)

“Thanks in Advance” –the negative effect of a polite phrase on compliance with a request
Lisa Bruttel (University of Potsdam)
Juri Nithammer (University of Potsdam)
Florian Stolley (University of Potsdam)

How do family history and parental narratives affect discrimination between children?
Kai Barron (WZB)
Heike Harmgart (EBRD)
Steffen Huck (WZB)
Sebastian O. Schneider (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)
Matthias Sutter (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)

Trade sanctions can harm cooperation on climate protection
Achim Hagen (HU Berlin)
Ben Schneider (University of Oldenburg)

COVID-19: A crisis of the female self-employed
Daniel Graeber (DIW)
Alexander S. Kritikos(DIW)
Johannes Seebauer(DIW)

A green COVID-19 recovery of the EU basic materials sector: identifying potentials, barriers, and policy solutions
Olga Chiapinelli (DIW)

How wrong do you think you are?
The effects of overconfidence on political and financial behavior

Ciril Bosch-Rosa (TU)
Bernhard Kassner (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München)
Steffen Ahrens (Freie Universität, Berlin)

Concentration in the EU: where is it increasing and why?
Pauline Affeldt (DIW)
Tomaso Duso (DIW)
Klaus Gugler (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Joanna Piechucka (DIW)

How Do We Stop Digital Market Monopolies?
Özlem Bedre-Defolie (ESMT)
Rainer Nitsche (ESMT)

How does entitlement affect honesty?
Tilman Fries (WZB)
Daniel Parra (WZB)

Unlocking Online Reputation: On the Effectiveness of Cross-Platform Signaling in the Sharing Economy
Timm Teubner (TU Berlin)
Marc T. P. Adam (The University of Newcastle Australia)
Florian Hawlitschek (TU Berlin)

Exposure to inequality may cause under-provision of public goods: Experimental evidence
Pablo Brañas-Garza (University of Loyola)
Elena Molis (University of Granada)
Levent Neyse (WZB and DIW Berlin)

Few top positions in economics are held by women
Virginia Sondergeld (DIW Berlin)
Philip Hanspach (European University Institute)
Jess Palka (University Duisburg-Essen)

Great expectations: Reservation wages and minimum wage reform
Alexandra Fedorets (DIW Berlin)
Cortnie Shupe (University of Copenhagen)

SOEP-P: The Top-Wealth Sample of the SOEP
Carsten SchröderCharlotte BartelsMarkus M. GrabkaJohannes König and Rainer Siegers (DIW Berlin Researchers)

Appointments for vaccinations – restoring fairness and avoiding black markets 
Rustamdjan Hakimov (University of Lausanne)
Dorothea Kübler (WZB and TU)
Christian-Philipp Heller (NERA Economic Consulting)
Morimitsu Kurino (Keio University of Tokyo)

How minimum wages and consumer preferences for fair treatment of workers interact 
David Danz (University of Pittsburgh)
Dirk Engelmann (HU Berlin) 
Dorothea Kübler (WZB Berlin and TU Berlin)

How does a nationwide alcohol ban affect injury-related mortality?
Kai Barron (WZB Berlin), 
Debbie BradshawCharles D.H. ParryRob DorringtonPam GroenewaldRia Laubscher, and Richard Matzopoulos (all University of Capetown; South African Medical Research Center)

Poverty does not lead to cheating for money
Suparee Boonmanunt (Mahidol University)
Agne Kajackaite (WZB Berlin)
Stephan Meier (Columbia Business School)

The leniency rule revisited: Experiments on cartel formation with open communication
Maximilian Andres (University of Potsdam)
Lisa Bruttel (University of Potsdam)
Jana Friedrichsen (WZB and HU Berlin)

Risk segmentation in the German health insurance market
Shan Huang (DIW Berlin)
Martin Salm (Tilburg University)

Darling, I fattened the kids - How can we correct externalities in the parental choice of children's diet?
Zarko Kalamov (TU Berlin)
Marco Runkel (TU Berlin)

Why are children with migrant parents or parents with lower educational attainment less likely to be enrolled in day care in Germany?
Jonas Jessen (DIW Berlin)
Sevrin Waights (DIW Berlin and LSE)

How can we detect hidden forms of gender discrimination?
Kai Barron (WZB Berlin)
Ruth Ditlmann (WZB Berlin)
Stefan Gehrig (University of Exeter)
Sebastian Schweighofer-Kodritsch (HU Berlin)

The impact of husbands losing their jobs on wives entering the workforce is weak in Austria
Martin Halla (JKU Linz)
Julia Schmieder (DIW Berlin)
Andrea Weber (CEU)

Curbing corruption in public procurement requires reducing the influence of politicians on procurement processes
Olga Chiappinelli (DIW Berlin)

Do we trust AI more if it’s more transparent?
Philipp Schmidt (Amazon)
Felix Biessmann (Einstein Center Digital Future)
Timm Teubner (TU Berlin)

European Central Bank's inflation target credibility decreased significantly during the pandemic
Winnie Coleman (FU Berlin)
Dieter Nautz (FU Berlin)

Temporal border controls are costly but they helped to contain the spread of Covid-19 across Europe
Matthias Eckardt (HU Berlin)
Kalle Kappner (HU Berlin)
Nikolaus Wolf (HU Berlin)

Airbnb's presence increases asked rents, but not by much
Tomaso Duso, Claus Michelsen, Maximilian Schaefer, and Kevin Ducbao Tran (all DIW Berlin)

Patents, data exclusivity and the development of new drugs
Fabian Gaessler (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition)
Stefan Wagner (ESMT Berlin)

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