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Christoph Ivanusch is a Research Fellow in the Manifesto Research Project on Political Representation (MARPOR) and was formerly part of the H2020 project “OPTED Observatory for Political Texts in European Democracies”. Furthermore, he is a doctoral student in Political Science at the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Christoph holds BA and MA degrees in Political Science from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. In his master thesis, he used computer-assisted quantitative text analysis to study parliamentary speeches in Austria.

His research interests include political parties, party competition, political communication and quantitative text analysis. In his dissertation, Christoph focuses on agenda-setting by parties across different communication channels.

Selected Publications

Ivanusch, Christoph (2024): "Where Do Parties Talk about What? Party Issue Salience across Communication Channels". In: West European Politics, advance access, 14.03.2024, online:
Ivanusch, Christoph/Zehnter, Lisa/Burst, Tobias (2023): "Communicating in an Eventful Campaign. A Case Study of Party Press Releases during the German Federal Election Campaign 2021". In: Electoral Studies, Vol. 86, Article 102703, Special Section "The Federal Election 2021 in Context. Germany at the Crossroads?", edited by Kathrin Ackermann/Martin Elff/Heiko Giebler. (The accepted manuscript for download:
Ivanusch, Christoph (2023): Feasibility Report. Evaluation of a Research Infrastructure for the Analysis of Texts from Political Organizations. OPTED Deliverable D4.7. Vienna: Observatory for Political Texts in European Democracies.
Ivanusch, Christoph/Lehmann, Pola/Balluff, Paul/Scotto di Vettimo, Michele (2023): Integrating Political Organizations into the OPTED Platform. OPTED Deliverable D4.4. Vienna: Observatory for Political Texts in European Democracies.
Ivanusch, Christoph (2024): "Issue Competition in Parliamentary Speeches? A Computer-based Content Analysis of Legislative Debates in the Austrian Nationalrat". In: Legislative Studies Quarterly, Vol. 49, No. 1, S. 203-221. (vorab online publiziert 15.03.2023)
Ivanusch, Christoph/Burst, Tobias/Zehnter, Lisa (2022): Challenges and Opportunities for the Comparative Study of Political Text Types. Testing Computer-based Topic Classification Approaches across Political Party Texts. OPTED Deliverable, D4.5. Vienna: Observatory for Political Texts in European Democracies.
Ivanusch, Christoph (2021): Making Political Party and Interest Group Texts Accessible and Usable. OPTED Deliverable, D4.3. Vienna: Observatory for Political Texts in European Democracies.
Greene, Zachary/Ivanusch, Christoph/Lehmann, Pola/Schober, Thomas (2021): A Repository of Political Party and Interest Group Texts. Vienna: OPTED Project-Coordaniation at the University Vienna.
Burst, Tobias/Ivanusch, Christoph/Lehmann, Pola/Regel, Sven/Zehnter, Lisa (2021): "Rot-Grün-Rot passt am besten zusammen". In: ZEIT online, 19.09.2021.
Hanel, Juliane/Ivanusch, Christoph (2021): "Das Wahlprogramm der Grünen zur Bundestagswahl 2021. Auf der Suche nach der goldenen Mitte". In: WZB Democracy Blog, 30.08.2021.