Daniel Tuki

Daniel Tuki
Daniel Tuki


daniel.tuki [at] wzb.eu
Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
B 414
Research Fellow of the Research Unit

Daniel Tuki is a Research Fellow in the Migration Integration and Transnationalization Department. He works on conflict studies and economic development. 

Selected Publications

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Violent conflict and hostility towards ethnoreligious outgroups in Nigeria.  Terrorism and Political Violence. https://doi.org/10.1080/09546553.2023.2285939

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Undead Past: What drives support for the secessionist goal of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Nigeria? Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics. https://doi.org/10.1017/rep.2023.36

Tuki, Daniel (2024). Examining the effect of gender, education and religion on attitudes toward gender equality in Nigeria. Politics, Groups, and Identities. https://doi.org/10.1080/21565503.2024.2304311

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Gender and migration aspirations in Nigeria: A comparative study of the states of Edo and Kaduna. Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper No. 408)

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Suffering and smiling: What determines happiness among Nigerians? Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper No. 407)

Tuki Daniel (2023) What does the population in Niger think about a military government? Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper No. 400)

Tuki, Daniel (2023) You’re not welcome! Violence and support for a grazing ban policy in Kaduna, Nigeria.  Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper 397) 

Tuki, Daniel (2023) Under God’s protective wings: Does exposure to violent conflict make Nigerians value God more?  Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper 392)

Tuki, Daniel (2023) Is there a Religious Dimension to Concern About Farmer-Herder conflicts in Nigeria? Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper 391)

Tuki, Daniel (2023) Pastoral conflicts and (dis)trust: Evidence from Nigeria using an instrumental variable approach. WZB Discussion Paper (SP VI 2023–101)

Tuki, Daniel (2022) The Effect of Violent Conflict on the Socioeconomic Condition of Households in Nigeria: The Case of Kaduna State. Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper 373)

Tuki, Daniel (2022) Blutige Landkonflikte: Kämpfe zwischen Hirten und Bauern in Nigeria haben vielfältige Ursachen. WZB Mitteilungen, June 2022. No. 176.

Tuki, Daniel (2021) Armer Norden, reicher Süden: Die Spaltung Nigerias reicht weit in die Geschichte zurück. WZB Mitteilungen, June 2021, No. 172.

Tuki, Daniel (2020) Brandbeschleuniger: Die Corona-Pandemie Verschärft Nigeria’s Soziale und Ökonomische Probleme. WZB Mitteilungen, September 2020, No. 169.