Tomoko Okada, Ph.D.


tomoko.okada [at]
Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
B 421
Research Fellow of the Research Professorship

Tomoko Okada is a post-doctoral research fellow at the WZB since July 2022. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in mass communication with a minor in quantitative methods in social sciences (sociology) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2022. Her areas of research interest lie in the intersection of science, health, and political communication. She is especially interested in rural-urban divides in values about science and emerging technologies and unequal access to scientific news. Supported by the Matsushita Foundation, she is studying how local, national, and global contexts will interact with each other and affect public discourse about scientific issues and the politicization of science. In particular, she investigates the link between rural-urban divides and populism by employing methods in computational social sciences.