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Es gibt keinen neuen Ostblock. Interview mit Fabrizio Zilibotti in ZEIT ONLINE

Justin Valasek has been granted the Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award

Reich ist gesund, arm bleibt krank. Maja Adena in ZEIT ONLINE

Der eingebildete Arme wird eher krank. Maja Adena in Wirtschaftswoche

Wer sich arm fühlt, wird eher krank. Maja Adena in

Armut: Subjektives Empfinden senkt Lebenserwartung. Maja Adena in Arbeitskreis Krankenversicherungen.

Auch subjektive Armut belastet die Gesundheit. Maja Adena in Deutsches Ärzteblatt.

Does matching work? The evidence says: Not always and not best. Steffen Huck and Maja Adena in Philanthropy Impact Magazine (p. 6-7)

Animals as food? Three views. Live recording of the WZB event with Melanie Joy, Bernd Ladwig and Gerhard Manteuffel.

Steffen Huck in The Spectator: Counting the cost: On what Breaking Bad can teach us about economics.

Vince Gilligan in Conversation. Live recording of the WZB event on "Breaking Bad: Economics and Morality".

Nora Szech has been appointed WZB-Fellow. She will be cooperating with the research unit Economics of Change.

Watch 3 minutes (from 24:53) on the 2013 Munich Filmfest's Series Special, presented by Sir Peter Jonas and Steffen Huck.

Torsten Persson on "Gender Quotas and the Crisis of the Mediocre Man" (live recording of a WZB Distinguished Lecture in Social Sciences)