Conference "Ethnic Diversity and Social Capital: Mechanisms, Conditions and Causality"

Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), 24 and 25 May 2013

Call for Papers

The debate on trust, cooperation, and civic engagement in ethnically diverse communities has proliferated rapidly over the last decade. Dozens of studies have been conducted, covering a variety of countries and levels of analysis, across a range of indicators of social capital, and using divergent operationalizations of diversity. The outcomes of these studies have been almost as varied as their research designs.

The time has come to draw up the balance, in order to identify both what we have learned, and what has remained unresolved. In doing so, we want to move beyond the somewhat dreary and inconclusive discussion of the mere absence or presence of correlations between diversity and social capital. More can be gained by focusing more closely on the causal mechanisms linking the two, and on moderating factors that point towards conditional effects of diversity.

In order to achieve this aim, we want to bring together leading scholars who carry out cutting-edge research on the mechanisms and conditions of diversity effects. For this two-day event, we invite about 20 scholars from several disciplines to present new and unpublished studies on the linkages between ethnic diversity and social capital.

If you would like to present your ongoing research on the mechanisms and conditions of diversity effects at the WZB, please submit a proposal below until February 17, 2013.

In case of successful application, we cover travel expenses and accommodation in Berlin (based on economy fare and up to three nights of accommodation).

The confirmed list of speakers includes:

Keynote speakers:
Dietlind Stolle (McGill University)
Miles Hewstone (University of Oxford)

Peter Thisted Dinesen (University of Copenhagen)
Frank Kalter (University of Mannheim)
Karen Schönwälder, Sören Petermann and Jörg Hüttermann (MPIMMG Göttingen)
Eric M. Uslaner (University of Maryland)
Susanne Veit (WZB)

Conference organizers: Ruud Koopmans, Bram Lancee, Merlin Schaeffer

For further information please contact Jutta Höhne (jutta [dot] hoehne [at] wzb [dot] eu)


Proposal submission: closed