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Leadership Skills in Germany

Research Fields
Labor and Labor Market
Education and Training
Dr. Sebastian Chávez Wurm
Dr. Almuth Wietholtz
stiftung neue verantwortung

With the research study titled "Leadership Skills in Germany", the WZB and the stiftung neue verantwortung aim to explore the current understanding of leadership amongst German elites. Leadership has become increasingly complex in the dynamic and interlinked world of the 21st century. Today's so-called multistakeholder society demands that elites engage in cross-sectoral and intergenerational thinking and acting.

Examples of this are the debates on infrastructure projects such as Stuttgart 21, the debate on migrant integration, the challenges of climate change, and the need for social cohesion. We aim to analyse the attitudes of influential decision makers from politics, the economy, the administration, science, trade unions, the judiciary, the churches, culture, the media, the military and foundations. The inquiry is based on narrative, semi-structured interviews.