Junior research groups at the WZB

Governance for Global Health
Head: Prof. Dr. Anna Holzscheiter
Duration: since 2015

Head: Prof. Dr. Peter N.C. Mohr
Duration: since 2014

Emmy-Noether Junior Research Group Immigration Policies in Comparison
Head: Dr. Marc Helbling
Duration: since 2011

Junior Research Group Risk and Development
Head: Ferdinand Vieider Ph.D.
Duration: since 2012

Junior Research Group Work and Care
Head: Lena Hipp Ph.D.
Duration: since 2012


Completed junior research groups at the WZB:

Schumpeter Junior Research Group Position Formation in the EU Commission
Head: Dr. Miriam Hartlapp
Duration: 2008-2013
funded by: Volkswagen Foundation

Junior Research Group Education and Transitions into the Labour Market
Head: Dr. Rita Nikolai
Duration: 2007-2011
funded by: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Schumpeter Junior Research Group Social Capital during the Life Course
Head: Dr. Petra Böhnke
Duration: 2010-2011
funded by: Volkswagen Foundation

Emmy Noether Junior Research Group 'Love', Work, Recognition
Head: Dr. Christine Wimbauer
Duration (at the WZB): 2007-2010
funded by: German Research Foundation