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Fair treatment at work is not the norm for everyone. This is especially the case within the gig economy, where secure employment is lacking and trade unions have little influence. Now, the WZB and the Oxford Internet Institute intend to study the gig economy in a joint research project in order to develop fairness ratings for digital platforms, that are used as a lever to improve working conditions.

Daniel Ziblatt
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Daniel Ziblatt, Eaton Professor of the Science of Government an der Harvard University, has been appointed as director at the WZB, he will head the new Transformations of Democracy research unit.

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Wearing a mask increases the distance people keep to each other, a team from the Economics of Change research unit at WZB report in a recent Dicussion Paper.

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How does global warming impact on the health of populations affected by climate change? A study by Daniel Meierrieks reveals how rising temperatures both increase infant mortality and decrease life expectancy.

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The global success of populist parties has spurred a discourse on the „losers of globalization”. Consequently, discussions often focus on the role of economic, social or cultural grievances. So far however, public debate as well as most of scientific research has lacked a systematic approach. By using representative data for Germany, Heiko Giebler, Magdalena Hirsch, Benjamin Schürmann and Susanne Veit have subjected one such theory to rigorous testing.

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A series of analyses, considerations and hypotheses by WZB researchers.

Lateinamerika Covid
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During the pandemic in Latin America, civil society began to initiate many digital democratic innovations, as Thamy Pogrebinschi analyses in our Corona series.

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The WZB Berlin Social Science Center investigates fundamental societal issues. Our focus is on education and work, markets and choice, migration, democracy and autocracy, international politics and law. At the WZB researchers from various disciplines work together – mainly from sociology, political science, economics, law and psychology.


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