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Completed research programsCivil Society and Transnational Networks

Completed research programs

Research Unit: Civil Society and Transnational Networks

Rainer Döbert

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Rainer Döbert
Rainer Döbert
Senior Research Fellow of the research unit "Civil Society and Transnational Networks"


Curriculum vitae
  born 1941  
      Studied philosophy and sociology in Marburg and Frankfurt am Main  
  1962   Diploma in sociology  
  1973   PhD.  
  1983   Habilitation  
      worked at the ¬University in Frankfurt am Main, ¬Max-Planck-Institut in Starnberg (Munich), ¬University Wuppertal and ¬University Gießen.  
  Since 1989   at the WZB  
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Research Interests

Religious Evolution
Moral consciousness
Identity formation
Procedural rationality.

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