Prof. Dr. Martina Dieckhoff

Portrait Foto Dr. Martina Dieckhoff (Foto: David Ausserhofer)
Foto: David Ausserhofer


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Guest of the Research Unit

Research fields

Education and Training
Social Inequality | Sociology of labor market and higher education | Methods of the social sciences (quantitative)


since 05 2008 Senior Researcher in the Research Unit “Skill Formation and Labor Markets” at WZB Berlin Social Science Center (on leave from September 2010 to August 2011 and at EUI as a Max Weber Fellow)

2006 – 2008 Postdoc at the Danish National Centre for Social Research, Copenhagen

2005 – 2006 Postdoc at Nuffield College/Oxford University (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council)

2001 – 2005 Postgraduate in sociology at Nuffield College/Oxford University

2000 – 2001 Master course „Vergleichende Sozialstaatsforschung“ at Nuffield College/Oxford University

1997 – 2000 Diploma course „Politikwissenschaft“ at the Free University, Berlin

Selected Publications

Dieckhoff, M., Gash, V., Mertens, A. and Romeu-Gordo, L. (2016). A Stalled Revolution? What Can We Learn from Women’s Drop-Out to Part-Time jobs: A Comparative Analysis of Germany and the UK. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 46 (Part B): 129-140.

Dieckhoff, Martina/Gash, Vanessa/Mertens, Antje/Romeu-Gordo, Laura (2015): "Female Atypical Employment in the Service Occupations. A Comparative Study of Time Trends in Germany and the UK". In: Werner Eichhorst/Paul Marx (Eds.): Non-Standard Employment in Post-Industrial Labour Markets. An Occupational Perspective. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, S. 353-377.
Dieckhoff, Martina/Gash, Vanessa (2015): "Unemployed and Alone? Unemployment and Social Participation in Europe". In: International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol. 35, No. 1-2, S. 67-90.
Dieckhoff, Martina/Gash, Vanessa/Steiber, Nadia (2015): "Measuring the Effect of Institutional Change on Gender Inequality in the Labour Market". In: Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Vol. 39, S. 59-75. (Vorab online publiziert 22. Dezember 2014)
Dieckhoff, Martina (2014): "Training". In: Alex C. Michalos (Ed.): Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research, Vol. 11. Series Springer Reference. Dordrecht u.a.: Springer, S. 6714-6716.
Dieckhoff, Martina (2013): "Continuing Training in Times of Economic Crisis". In: Duncan Gallie (Ed.): Economic Crisis, Quality of Work, and Social Integration. The European Experience. Oxford/New York, NY: Oxford University Press, S. 88-114.
Dieckhoff, Martina/Steiber, Nadia (2012): "Institutional Reforms and Age-graded Labour Market Inequalities in Europe". In: International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Vol. 53, No. 2, S. 97-119.
Dieckhoff, Martina (2011): "The Effect of Unemployment on Subsequent Job Quality in Europe. A Comparative Study of Four Countries". In: Acta Sociologica, Vol. 54, No. 3, S. 233-249.
Protsch, Paula/Dieckhoff, Martina (2011): "What Matters in the Transition from School to Vocational Training in Germany. Educational Credentials, Cognitive Abilities or Personality?". In: European Societies, Vol. 13, No. 1, S. 69-91.
Dieckhoff, Martina/Steiber, Nadia (2011): "A Re-assessment of Common Theoretical Approaches to Explain Gender Differences in Continuing Training Participation". In: British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 49, No. Suppl. 1, S. s135–s157. (Zuerst online publiziert 16. November 2010)

Dieckhoff, Martina (2007): “Does it work? The Effect of Continuing Training on Labour Market Outcomes: A Comparative Study of Germany, Denmark and the UK”. In: European Sociological Review, Vol. 23, No. 3, S. 295-308

Dieckhoff, Martina/Gallie, Duncan (2007): “The Renewed Lisbon Strategy and Social Exclusion Policy”. In: Industrial Relations Journal, Vol. 36, No. 6, S. 480-502

Dieckhoff, Martina/Jungblut, Jean-Marie/O'Connell, Philip (2007): “Job-Related Training in Europe: Do Institutions Matter?”. In: Duncan Gallie (ed.): Employment Regimes and the Quality of Work, Oxford University Press, S. 77-103

Portrait Foto Dr. Martina Dieckhoff (Foto: David Ausserhofer)
Foto: David Ausserhofer


martina.dieckhoff [at]