image of board members
Swen Hutter

The aim of the Civil Society Advisory Board is to facilitate regular exchange between actors in civil society and the Center for Civil Society Research. The board consists of seven different civil society actors, representing the diversity of civil society in terms of organizational forms (formal vs. informal) and areas of activity (political vs. charitable).

The Advisory Board serves a triple function for the center: firstly, it aims to generate new impulses for research and the further development of the research program through the exchange of ideas. Secondly, in ongoing discussions with the board, the research results are critically and continuously compared with practical experiences. And thirdly, the board serves to secure the center's networking and transfer activities into civil society.

The Advisory Board was established with support from the Stiftung Mercator




Rima Hanano, CLAIM - Allianz gegen Islam- und Muslimfeindlichkeit

Dr. Felix Kolb, Campact e. V. 

Jérémie Gagné, More in Common e. V. 

Phil Reckermann, Stiftung Mercator

Susanne Rindt, Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband AWO e. V. 

Dr. Lilian Schwalb, Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement (BBE)

Sabine Süß, Stiftungen für Bildung e. V. 

Annegret Wulff, MitOst e. V.