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Prof. Dr. Heike Solga (David Ausserhofer)
David Ausserhofer

Heike Solga has been elected as chairperson of the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR). Solga will preside over a Board elected by leading European research institutes and university departments.

Yasemin Soysal has been appointed as a research professor for the Global Sociology unit at WZB. Her research focuses on the nation-state and citizenship, taking a close look at their historical development and current reconfiguration.

Soysal is simultaneously appointed professor of sociology at the Freie Universität Berlin and as principal investigator at the SCRIPTS Cluster of Excellence.

Peter J. Katzenstein (Filmstill: konzept.autoren.de)

Peter Katzenstein, Research Professor at WZB, has received the prestigious Skytte Prize in Political Science 2020. The virtual award ceremony for the 2020 and 2021 Skytte Prize will be held on October 1, 2021.


Inequality in Europe

Working nine-to-five is no longer the norm for many employees in our globalized economy. A new study by Pablo Gracia (Trinity College Dublin), Wen-Jui Han (New York University), and Jianghong Li (WZB) shows how the prevalence of nonstandard work schedules differs across European states. It also shows how the degree to which educational inequalities are implicated varies across policy contexts. 

WZB Dataset

The Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) dataset has received an Honorable Mention for the 2021 Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba Dataset Award of the American Political Science Association's section for Comparative Politics. The dataset allows for a comparison of immigration policies in most OECD countries for the time period 1980-2010.

john keane
David Ausserhofer
Democracy in India

In „To Kill a Democracy”, WZB researcher John Keane and journalist Debasish Roy Chowdhury offer a sobering diagnosis: India is heading towards despotism. They show how injustice threatens to destroy the democratic way of life.

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The WZB Berlin Social Science Center investigates fundamental societal issues. Our focus is on education and work, markets and choice, migration, democracy and autocracy, international politics and law. At the WZB researchers from various disciplines work together – mainly from sociology, political science, economics, law and psychology.


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