Veranstaltungen Leading theorist in the field of international relations

A.SK Social Science Award 2017 to John G. Ruggie

Preisträger John Ruggie, Foto: David Ausserhofer
The American political scientist John G. Ruggie has been awarded the A.SK Social Science Award 2017 on October 14. The award is one of the most renowned international prizes in the social sciences. Ruggie is one of the leading theorists in the field of international relations. His work on the social construction of globalization, which takes account of the needs of people, has also had an impact on political practice. As UN Assistant Secretary General for Strategic Planning (from 1997-2001), he was responsible for creating the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative. As UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights (from 2005 to 2011), he developed the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  more
Presse Research project and website

„Double Shift“ – How Jordan provides schooling for school-age refugee children

The morning’s lessons are for the Jordanian children, in the afternoon it’s the Syrians’ turn. Jordan is using a model called Double Shift in order to provide schooling for hundreds of thousands of school-age refugee children from neighboring, war-torn Syria, alongside Jordanian pupils. How is a small country like Jordan able to overcome such a huge challenge? The WZB Berlin and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) undertook a joint research project to examine the Jordanian school system. The results of the project will be documented on the multimedia Double Shift website. The website has won the German Design Award in the catagory 'Excellent Communications Design/Web'. more
Forschung Institutions and Political Inequality

New director: Macartan Humphreys

Macartan Humphreys. Foto: Jacobia Dahm
In July 2017, political scientist Macartan Humphreys joined the WZB as director of the unit Institutions and Political Inequality. The professor of Political Science at Columbia University additionally coordinates the newly established WZB research area Political Economy of Development. Among Macartan Humphreys’ main fields of interest is the political economy of social and political inequality. His main interest is in understanding patterns of political inequality. Under what conditions can marginalized populations get their voices heard in local or national politics? To what extent is political inequality driven by institutional features or more fundamental economic structures? more
Presse Experiment on learning behaviour

Knowing more about economic gains makes people less cooperative

Existing research suggesting that humans cooperate if they know more about their own payoffs has been rebutted: In the long run, access to information about payoff distributions leads to less cooperative behavior, finds a recent study in Nature Communications by Steffen Huck, Johannes Leutgeb (both WZB Berlin Social Science Center) and Ryan Oprea (University of California, Santa Barbara). The study also shows that knowledge about earning possibilities leads to smaller earnings in the long-run. more
Forschung New database in the making

Lessons from Latin America: Democratic innovations in comparison

In Montevideo, citizens are not forced to bite the bullet when they notice potholes in the road or vandalised public spaces. They can register these problems connected to public services in the online geolocation platform “For My Neighborhood”, which forwards them immediately to the city’s Single System of Complaints. This is merely one of many cases the project “Latinno” is currently compiling in the first comprehensive and systematic database on new forms of citizen participation in Latin America. The new database, which has been developed under the guidance of WZB-researcher Thamy Pogrebinschi, will be allowing comparisons across about 2000 institutional designs in 20 countries, including their effectiveness and impact. more