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In 2015, economist Esther Duflo won the A.SK Social Science Award, which the WZB awards every two years since 2007. Now she will receive this year's Nobel Prize for her research on poverty alleviation. Congratulations!

Fewer children, distant relatives or friends, and an increasing plurality of family models: These factors impact on the availability of support and care in old age. Tiziana Nazio, a researcher at the WZB, has explored how early family formation events relate to the emotional and practical support that people give and receive in older age. Her results show that women still bear the brunt of the burden of care. What people do at an early stage of life in terms of family building is a predictor of the size and composition of the emotional support networks they will have later in life.

People at a crossroad
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The annual report offers insights into our current research and institutional developments. It includes essays on democracy, labor, digitalization, migration, nudging, behavior, and education.

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In 2015, Germany introduced a minimum wage of €8.50 an hour, launching a giant field experiment designed to reduce income inequality and poverty. The vision was that every full-time worker should be able to afford a basic standard of living without having to rely on welfare support. New research by Teresa Backhaus and Kai-Uwe Müller scrutinizes the impact of the minimum wage and assesses the extent to which this vision has been made reality.

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The WZB Berlin Social Science Center investigates fundamental societal issues. Our focus is on education and work, markets and choice, migration, democracy and autocracy, international politics and law. At the WZB researchers from various disciplines work together – mainly from sociology, political science, economics, law and psychology.


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