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The WZB-Mitteilungen is a quarterly journal reporting general findings of the research conducted at WZB. Published in March, June, September and December, it is aimed at experts and specialists working in politics, economics, media and society. Every issue of the Mitteilungen is dedicated to a specific topic and also includes additional information about new publications, conferences and personnel.

The Mitteilungen are published mainly in German. But in December 2012 our quarterly has conquered a new public: The WZB Reports 1 (Winter 2012/13) present a selection of essays from the past regular issues, now completely in English. Find the PDF here.

Publikationen September 2017 Mitteilungen No. 157
Nr. 157: Verfassung unter Druck

Verfassung unter Druck

Diskurs um Rechte, Werte, Ordnungen
Other Topics
  • Autoritäten in der Kritik
  • Brauchen wir einen Mehrheitsschutz?
  • Pluralismus und Verfassungsstaat
  • A.SK-Peis für John G. Ruggie