WZB Honorary Fellowships

Since 2019, the President of the WZB and its directors award Honorary Fellowships to persons making lasting contributions to the WZB.

WZB Honorary Fellows
Sir Peter Jonas CBE, FRSA
David Ausserhofer

Sir Peter Jonas CBE (since 2019)

Sir Peter Jonas has been a member of the WZB's Board of Trustees since 2015. He has influenced the WZB Berlin Social Science Center considerably, most recently by helping establish a cooperation with the Barenboim-Said Academy for the WZB's 50th anniversary. Since 2006, he has recurrently inspired new ways to bridge the gap between art, the humanities and the social sciences, including a series of events entitled "TV, Economics and Society".

One of the world's leading cultural managers, Sir Peter Jonas has served as Director to the Bavarian State Opera, as General Director to the English National Opera and as the Chairperson of the German Opera Conference.