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Selected new publications

  1. Dominik Duell, Justin Mattias Valasek

    Paper Social identity and political polarization

    Evidence on the impact of identity on partisan voting trade

    Berlin, 2017, 50 pp., 745 KB
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP II 2017-304
  2. Thamy Pogrebinschi

    Article Democratic innovations

    Lessons from beyond the West

    The governance report- 2017. Democracy, innovations, participation, legitimacy, indicators
  3. Maja Adena, Jeyhun Alizade, Frauke Bohner, Julian Harke, Fabio Mesters

    Paper Quality certifications for nonprofits, charitable giving, and donor's trust

    Experimental evidence

    Berlin, 2017, 38 pp., 749 KB
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP II 2017-302
  4. Yoon Jin Shin

    Paper Contextualized cosmopolitanism

    Human rights practice in South Korea

    Berlin, 2017, 34 pp., 225 KB
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP IV 2017-801
  5. Dietmar Fehr

    Article Costly communication and learning from failure in organizational coordination

    European economic review.- 93 (2017), H. April