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  1. Marcel Helbig, Stefanie Jähnen, Anna Marczuk

    Article Eine Frage des Wohnorts

    Zur Bedeutung der räumlichen Nähe von Hochschulen für die Studienentscheidung in Deutschland

    Zeitschrift für Soziologie.- 46 (2017), H. 1
  2. Matthias Pollmann-Schult

    Article Sons, daughters, and the parental division of paid work and housework

    Journal of family issues.- 38 (2017), H. 1
  3. Sascha Kneip, Aiko Wagner

    Article Rekonvaleszenz der Demokratie?

    Die Erholung bürgerlicher Freiheitsrechte im internationalen Vergleich

    Zeitschrift für vergleichende Politikwissenschaft.- 11 (2017), H. online first
  4. Nadiya Kelle, Julia Simonson, Laura Romeu Gordo

    Article Is part-time employment after childbirth a stepping-stone into full-time work?

    A cohort study for East and West Germany

    Feminist economics.- 23 (2017), H. advance access
  5. Laura Menze

    Article Horizontale und vertikale Adäquanz im Anschluss an die betriebliche Ausbildung in Deutschland

    Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie.- 69 (2017), H. online first
  6. Nan Hu, Jianghong Li, Rebecca A. Glauert, Catherine L. Taylor

    Article Influence of exposure to perinatal risk factors and parental mental health related hospital admission on adolescent deliberate self-harm risk

    European child and adolescent psychiatry.- 26 (2017), H. online first
  7. Ruth K. Ditlmann, Cyrus Samii, Thomas Zeitzoff

    Article Addressing violent intergroup conflict from the bottom up?

    Social issues and policy review.- 11 (2017), H. 1
  8. Wolfgang van den Daele [Interviewee], Alexander Mäder [Interviewer]

    Article Wir erleben unbequeme Seiten der Demokratie

    Bild der Wissenschaft: Zeitschrift für Naturwissenschaft und Technik in unserer Zeit.- (2017), H. 1
  9. Ariane Berthoin Antal, Victor J. Friedmann

    Article So what do you do?

    Experimenting with space for social creativity

    Knowledge and action
  10. Dieter Rucht

    Article Protest cultures in social movements

    Dimensions and functions

    Protest cultures: a companion
  11. Dieter Gosewinkel [Editor], Dieter Rucht [Editor]

    Book Transnational struggles for recognition

    New perspectives on civil society since the twentieth century

    New York, NY; Oxford, Berghahn Books, 2017, VII, 306 pp.
  12. Ruth K. Ditlmann, Valerie J. Purdie-Vaughns, John F. Dovidio, Michael J. Naft

    Article The implicit power motive in intergroup dialogues about the history of slavery

    Journal of personality and social psychology.- 112 (2017), H. 1
  13. Symonds,Jennifer, Schoon,Ingrid, Salmelo-Aro,Katariina

    Article Developmental trajectories and emotional disengagement from schoolwork and their longitudinal associations in England

    British Educational Research Journal.- 42 (2016), H. 6
  14. Steffen Huck, Gabriele K. Lünser, Florian Spitzer, Jean-Robert Tyran

    Article Medical insurance and free choice of physician shape patient overtreatment

    A laboratory experiment

    Journal of economic behavior and organization.- 131 (2016), H. November, Part B
  15. Camilla Borgna, Emanuela Struffolino

    Article Pushed or pulled?

    Girls and boys facing early school leaving risk in Italy

    Social science research: a journal of social science methodology and quantitive research.- 61 (2017), H. January
  16. Jenny Simon, Justin Mattias Valasek

    Article Centralized fiscal spending by supranational unions

    Economica.- 84 (2017), H. 333
  17. Dietmar Fehr

    Article Costly communication and learning from failure in organizational coordination

    European economic review.- (2017), H. in press: accepted manuscript vom 24.01.2017
  18. Philip Wotschack

    Article Leave saving options over the life course- only for the highly skilled?

    Evidence from two German best-practice companies

    European societies: the official journal of the ESA.- 19 (2017), H. advance access
  19. Tine Hanrieder

    Article The public valuation of religion in global health governance

    Spiritual health and the faith factor

    Contemporary politics.- 23 (2017), H. 1: special issue: The politics of public justification
  20. Leslie Quitzow, Weert Canzler, Philipp Grundmann, Markus Leibenath, Timothy Moss, Tilmann Rave

    Article The German Energiewende

    What's happening?

    Utilities policy: governance, performance, analysis.- (2016), H. August: Special section on German Energiewende
  21. Anselm Rink, Kunaal Sharma

    Article The determinants of religious radicalization

    Evidence from Kenya

    Journal of conflict resolution: Journal of the Peace Science Society (International).- 60 (2016), H. online first vom 09.12.2016
  22. Tobias König, Tobias Lausen, Andreas Wagener

    Paper Image concerns and the political economy of publicly provided private goods

    Berlin, 2016, 45 pp., 649 kb
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP II 2016-214
  23. Philip D. Parker, John Jerrim, Ingrid Schoon, Herbert W. Marsh

    Article A multination study of socioeconomic inequality in expectations for progression to higher education

    The role of between-school tracking and ability stratification

    American educational research journal.- 53 (2016), H. 1
  24. Kathrin Zippel, Myra Marx Ferree, Karin Zimmermann

    Article Gender equality in German universities

    Vernacularising the battle for the best brains

    Gender and education.- 28 (2016), H. 7
  25. Jürgen Kocka

    Article Kapitalismus und Demokratie

    Der historische Befund

    Archiv für Sozialgeschichte- 56.2016
  26. Heiko Giebler, Bernhard Weßels

    Article If you don't know me by now

    Explaining local candidate recognition

    German politics: journal of the Association for the Study of German Politics.- 26 (2017), H. 1
  27. Wolfgang Merkel

    Article Die neuen Diktaturen

    Neue Gesellschaft, Frankfurter Hefte.- 63 (2016), H. 11
  28. Ruth K. Ditlmann, Cyrus Samii

    Article Can intergroup contact affect ingroup dynamics?

    Insights from a field study with Jewish and Arab-Palestinian youth in Israel

    Peace and conflict: journal of peace psychology; the journal of the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence, Peace Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association.- 22 (2016), H. 4
  29. Jan Cremers [Editor], Sigurt Vitols [Editor]

    Paper Takeovers with or without worker voice

    Workers' rights under the EU takeover bids directive

    Brussels, 2016, 251 pp.
    Workers' rights in company law
  30. Samuel D. Schmid, Marc Helbling

    Paper Validating the immigration policies in comparison (IMPIC) dataset

    Berlin, 2016, 35 pp., 672 kb
    WZB Discussion Paper. SP VI 2016-202
  31. Sophie Eisentraut

    Article Demokratisches Regieren jenseits des Nationalstaats

    Demokratiekonzeptionen aus sechs Weltreligionen

    Politische Vierteljahresschrift: Zeitschrift der Deutschen Vereinigung für politische Wissenschaft. Mit Sonderheften.- 57 (2016), H. SH 51: "Demokratie" jenseits des Westens: Theorien, Diskurse, Einstellungen