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The research of this newly established professorship is primarily devoted to normative questions of the formation of transnational political institutions. The notion of legitimacy plays a key role here – which it can only play if it is linked to other principles, especially those of democracy, human rights, and justice. On the one hand, this raises philosophical questions of justification in a culturally pluralistic world and, on the other, one has to ask about the mediation of such principles with transnational institutions.

These research questions will be pursued in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Michael Zürn and Prof. Dr. Mattias Kumm as well as other researchers at the WZB. The basis for this is the work collected in Normativity and Power (Oxford University Press 2017; Normativität und Macht, Suhrkamp 2015); the issue of transnational justice is being further developed in "A Critical Theory of Transnational (In) Justice," in Thom Brooks’s (ed.) Oxford Handbook of Global Justice (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Political Theory in the Media

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