Discussion Papers

The findings of the current research at WZB are published in the "Discussion Papers". Many of these papers can be seen later in professional journals or edited volumes. The Discussion Papers are aimed at scientists as well as experts working in politics, economics and society.

Just published:

Vanessa A. Boese-Schlosser, Michael Bayerlein, Scott Gates, Katrin Kamin, Syed Mansoob Murshed: Trust Issues? How Being Socialised in an Autocracy Shapes Vaccine Uptake (PDF)

Silvio Suckow und Sarah George: Das Neun-Euro-Ticket: Ein Experiment mit Folgen? Repräsentative Panel-Daten, Überblicksstudie und Debattenbeitrag (PDF)

Martin Gegner: Die Akzeptanz gesetzlicher Initiativen zur Energiewende. Das Beispiel „Gesetz zum Neustart der Digitalisierung der Energiewende“ (PDF)

Adrian Bruhin, Fidel Petros, Luís Santos-Pinto: The role of self-confidence in teamwork: Experimental evidence (PDF)

Klaudia Erhardt: NEPS-Metafile.do - a Do-File to Generate a Metafile on the Scientific Use Files of the NEPS. Application of the do-file and documentation of the resulting metafile including syntax examples on the use of the metafile (PDF)

Daniele Caliari, Ivan Soraperra: Planning to cheat. Temptation and self-control (PDF)

Yasemin Soysal, Héctor Cebolla Boado: Comparing Agentic Meritocratic Citizenship in Europe and China: A Research Note (PDF)

Discussion Papers of the Research Areas


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The Discussion Papers are available to download as a PDF. If you would like to receive a printed version please send an email to:
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