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The findings of the current research at WZB are published in the "Discussion Papers". Many of these papers can be seen later in professional journals or edited volumes. The Discussion Papers are aimed at scientists as well as experts working in politics, economics and society.

Just published:

Kai Barron, Christina Gravert: Confidence and career choices: An experiment (PDF)

Yongfeng Zhang, Yi Zhang, Daniel Friedman: Economic recommendation based on pareto efficient resource allocation (PDF)

Eric M. Aldrich Daniel Friedman: Order protection through delayed messaging (PDF)

Sean Crockett, Daniel Friedman, Ryan Oprea: Aggregation and convergence in experimental general equilibrium economies constructed from naturally occurring preferences (PDF)

Deniz Dizdar, Benny Moldovanu, Nora Szech: The multiplier effect in two-sided markets with bilateral investments (PDF)

Discussion Papers of the Research Areas