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Islam and Liberalism in Contemporary Society

The aim of this event series is to discuss the relationship between Islam and liberal democracy with Muslim and Muslim-born intellectuals (scholars, practitioners and activists) who adopt different approaches to the faith but are united by a firm commitment toward liberal democratic values and individual rights. Hosting both lectures and debates, the cycle will address various methodological and substantive issues in a captivating and accessible format, with the aim of countering stereotypes and showing the diversity within Islam to the larger public.


Upcoming Events

19 October

Religionsfreiheit und Apostasie im Islam




Past Events

6 July 2023

Islamism: Nature, Ideology and Tactics


6 June 2023

Exegese der islamischen heiligen Schriften: Welchen Spielraum gibt es für liberale Auslegung?


9 May 2023

Law of God or law of people? The role of Islam in modern state law, between secularism and accommodation


20 April 2023

Women's rights and Islam


30 March 2023

LGBT rights and Islam: Inherent oxymoron or possible harmony?


23 February 2023

Islam and Liberal Democracy in Global Perspective




Elisabeth Schüler
elisabeth.schueler [at] wzb.eu

Melinda Biolchini
melinda.biolchini [at] wzb.eu