Podcast: Shaping technological change

An Interview with Martin Krzywdzinski about Digitalization in the World of Work

Are the new tools and programs taking away our work? Are we being monitored and measured and therefore losing our self-determination? Sociologist Martin Krzywdzinski, head of the WZB research group Globalization, Work, and Production, advises calmness. In an interview, he explains what is changing as a result of automation and AI and how employees, especially through trade unions, can help shape this process. In the latest edition of the WZB-Mitteilungen podcast, the labor researcher tells hosts Gabriele Kammerer and Kerstin Schneider what he learns in contacts with established companies and startups, why he predominantly perceives openness to technology - and where digitalization gives him cause for concern.

You can find the interview with Martin Krzywdzinski here (in German):