Illustration Europa
Illustration Nadine Prange
Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Europe: Myth and Vision

Celebrating the WZB’s 50th Anniversary at the Pierre Boulez Saal

Europe seems to be out of joint. Wherever you look, European integration is been questioned in fundamental ways; fears over migration and rising inequality are dominating public debate and fuelling the rise of populist parties. Positive stories are needed to reassert the game-changing power of European unity and to bring about change. This is where the combined contribution of science and culture comes into play.

That is why the WZB is celebrating its 50th anniversary under the banner of Europe: Myth and Vision. By bringing together different branches of social science and art, culture, and music, the evening seeks to spark new perspectives on Europe in celebration of the great European idea.

The WZB would like to thankDaniel Barenboim for enabling us to celebrate its 50th anniversary together with our employees and friends at the Pierre Boulez Saal. Throughout the evening, the central theme of Europe will take on a variety of different artistic forms. The event will feature the premiere of a new piece by Jörg Widmann, interpreted by Daniel Barenboim and the Boulez Ensemble, framed by further pieces of European musical history.

Speeches in honor of the anniversary will be held by the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Anja Karliczek, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, Maestro Daniel Barenboim, and the President of the WZB, Jutta Allmendinger.

One part of the program is dedicated entirely to young Europeans. The Berlin-based art lab, S27, will present works from two projects with children and young people from Berlin. The Global City shows a housing settlement, partially constructed using models built by refugees working with schoolchildren in remembrance of the homes they were forced to leave behind. These models sit alongside visions of the future of communal living. The installation encourages viewers to reflect on the possibility of a society in which everyone enjoys living. As part of the Building Democracy project, schoolchildren dived into the world of social science for a few hours, conducting interviews with WZB staff and summarizing the findings of their research trip into a film. The children and young people will speak about their experiences and impressions during the concert.

From 9 p.m., the American artist, Joe Ramirez, will present his The Gold ProjectionsVermilion, an installation with films that were produced in collaboration with the WZB. The silent sequences were filmed In rural parts of Southern Europe and lyrically express tales of longing, homecoming, and the search for a European identity.

On the second and third floors of the lobby, an exhibition and short films will give an insight into the history of the WZB and its current research activities.