Beirat 2023

Advisory Board Meeting – and two farewells

After three days of intensive discussions, the WZB Scientific Advisory Board concluded this year's meeting on Friday with its feedback to the reviewed departments. Special thanks were expressed particularly to Christine Landfried, who is at the end of her term stepping down as chair of the board. She has been a member of the advisory board for 23 years and accompanied the WZB through intensive times of change. Gratitude was also expressed to Grzegorz Ekiert, whose term as member of the Advisory Board ends after seven years.

At this year’s meeting, the scientific Advisory Board reviewed five of the seven departments of the WZB, as well as two research professorships. The other two departments have been under review in 2022. In 2021, ten research groups were reviewed. These intense audits are part of the WZB’s preparation for the periodical evaluation by the Leibniz Association that is scheduled for early 2025.

The Advisory Board monitors and oversees the academic development of the WZB and reports its recommendations to the research units, the management and the Board of Trustees. The Advisory Board is composed of German and international researchers from the various disciplines represented at the WZB.