New Fairwork Cloudwork Rating

The Fairwork Project has published a new report evaluating employment relationships on international cloudwork platforms. The basic standards of fairness in working arrangements on 15 online platforms are asssessed and scored according to the five Fairwork principles pay, conditions, contracts, management, and representation.

Cloudwork platforms arrange work that can theoretically be performed from anywhere over the Internet and remotely (e.g., data categorization or online freelancing). As this year's scores show, platforms are still not close to safeguarding the basic standards of fair work expressed in the five Fairwork principles. One platform scored seven out of ten, one scored five, and one scored four. The other twelve platforms were unable to meet more than three of the ten thresholds. Four platforms couldn't met a single threshold.

Fairwork is a joint project of the WZB with the Oxford Internet Institute that investigates working conditions on online platforms and uses the results to monitor and benchmark the platforms. The WZB is also a Pledge Partner of the project.


The complete report can be found here.