Platform for Protest and Conflict in Europe

The "Observatory for Political Conflict and Democracy (PolDem)" is a new platform that produces and houses datasets on the long-term development of election campaigns, protests, and public debates. The data, based on quantitative analyses of media texts, enables researchers to trace the long-term development of conflict structures and dynamics throughout Europe.

Which topics dominate election campaigns? Do similar issues lead to protests around Europe? What kinds of interactions take place between public protests and party systems? Who is driving whom? What role do civil society actors play in public debates on Europe or immigration? Are trade unions or churches being heard? This is only a fraction of potential questions to be answered using PolDem data.

The platform was launched by the Center for Civil Society Research at WZB and the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. The initiators are Edgar Grande and Swen Hutter of the Center for Civil Society Research and Hanspeter Kriesi of EUI.

PolDem aims to update and disseminate data within the scientific community and wider public, and to provide users with the relevant documentation, codebooks, and tools to interpret the data.

Find the new platform here.