Statement by the WZB

The WZB has taken note of Professor Keane's open letter, published on the platform X, and his decision contained therein to discontinue his honorary affiliation with the WZB. We regret that a long-standing successful collaboration ends on a low note. The WZB values a collegial, supportive environment, where a diversity of views can be held, and where you can raise unpopular positions without expectations of adverse consequences.

Professor Keane’s posting of flags of Hamas on the platform X on 7 October 2023, the same day of the terrorist attacks, raised the real possibility that he condoned these attacks, in particular as the post remained online even as the full extent of the atrocities emerged. The WZB saw it, and still sees it, as essential to be clear and unambiguous that the WZB does not condone Hamas’s horrific actions in any way.

The WZB welcomes Professor Keane's statement that he condemns all acts of violence. We wish Professor Keane well in his endeavors at the University of Sydney.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Jutta Allmendinger Ph.D.
President of the WZB Berlin Social Science Center

November 30, 2023