Titelbild Orders beyond Borders
Titelbild Orders beyond Borders
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Understanding the globalized world

Does an international order still exist, or is it disintegrating? How do global, national and regional players cooperate or compete with each other? These questions are tackled in a new WZB blog which looks for orders beyond national borders in an attempt to understand the globalized world a little better.

The principal writers on this blog are researchers or guests at WZB’s  International Politics and Law research area. They address topics of global relevance including security issues, migration, the spread of infectious diseases, financial and economic crises, humanitarian emergencies, climate change, and, last but not least, the politics of global governance as a whole.

The debate is opened by WZB director Michael Zürn with a piece on Trump's National Security Strategy ("My fury about Trump's fire"). In an interview Zürn also explains why the WZB researchers are blogging and not just write books, which research topics he is enthusiastic about and why he would like to have dinner with Immanuel Kant and Alexander von Humboldt.

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