Prof. Arthur S. Alderson


Former Visiting Researcher of the Completed Research Unit

Short bio

Arthur Alderson, Professor of Sociology at Indiana University, was a visiting researcher of the research unit Inequality and Social Policy from January to July 2013. His research interests lie in the general areas of social stratification, economic and political sociology, comparative and historical sociology, and international development. He is currently doing research on income distribution, the world city system, the globalization of production, and social status, lifestyle, and cultural consumption. Recently, he is author of “Inter-City Relations and Globalization: The Evolution of the Global Urban Hierarchy, 1981-2007”  (in Urban Studies  with Jason Beckfield and Jessica Sprague-Jones), “Social Stratification and Musical Consumption: Highbrow / Middlebrow in the United States,”  (in Tak-Wing Chan [ed.]  Social Stratification and Cultural Consumption  with Azamat Junisbai and Isaac Heacock), and “Changing Patterns of Income Inequality in U.S. Counties, 1970-2000.”  (in the American Journal of Sociology with Stephanie Moller and François Nielsen).

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