Dr. Mareike Bünning (geb. Wagner)

Portrait Foto Dr. Mareike Bünning (Foto: David Ausserhofer)
David Ausserhofer


Former Staff Member of the Completed Research Group

Research fields

Gender and Family | Labor and Labor Market | Welfare State and Social Inequality


2016 Dr. phil, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Dissertation: "Parental leave for fathers: Consequences for men's work and family life"

09/2012 - 02/2021 Research Fellow at WZB

  • 06/2016 - 02/2021 Research fellow in the Research Group Work and Care  
  • 05/2016 - 02/2021 Editor of "Datenreport. Ein Sozialbericht für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland"  
  • 09/2015 - 03/2016 Consultant at A.T. Kearney, Family Initiative 361° (cooperation within the WZB "Science in Practice" Program)  
  • 09/2012 - 08/2015 Research fellow in the President's research group
  • 02/2014 - 03/2014 Guest researcher at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University

2012 MA Sociology, University of Potsdam

2009 - 2012 Student Reseach Assistant at the WZB in the Department Migrantion, Integration and Transnationalization

2009 BA European Studies, University Bremen

Selected Publications

Hipp, Lena/Bünning, Mareike (2021): "Parenthood as a Driver of Increased Gender Inequality during COVID-19? Exploratory Evidence from Germany". In: European Societies, Vol. 22, No. S1, Special Issue "European Societies in the Time of the Coronavirus Crisis", S. S658-S673. (vorab online publiziert 22.10.2020)
Bünning, Mareike (2020): "Paternal Part-Time Employment and Fathers' Long-Term Involvement in Child Care and Housework". In: Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol. 82, No. 2, S. 566-586. (vorab online publiziert 04.10.2019)
Hipp, Lena/Bünning, Mareike/Munnes, Stefan/Sauermann, Armin (2020): "Problems and Pitfalls of Retrospective Survey Questions in COVID-19 Studies". In: Survey Research Methods, Vol. 14, No. 2, S. 109-114.
Bünning, Mareike/Hipp, Lena/Munnes, Stefan (2020): Erwerbsarbeit in Zeiten von Corona. WZB Ergebnisbericht. Berlin: WZB via EconStor.
Bernhardt, Janine/Bünning, Mareike (2020): "Fathers' Working Times in Germany. The Role of the Ideal Worker Norm in the Context of Other Cultural and Structural Workplace Conditions". In: Mireia las Heras Maestro/Nuria Chinchilla Albiol/Marc Grau Grau (Eds.): The New Ideal Worker. Organizations between Work-Life Balance, Gender and Leadership. Contributions to Management Science Series. Cham: Springer, S. 25.48.
Samtleben, Claire/Bringmann, Julia/Bünning, Mareike/Hipp, Lena (2019): "What Helps and What Hinders? Exploring the Role of Workplace Characteristics for Parental Leave Use and Its Career Consequences". In: Social Sciences - Open Access Journal, Vol. 8, No. 10, Article Number 270, S. 1-30.
Bünning, Mareike (2017): "The Association between Social Support Networks and Maternal Employment. A Comparison of Western German, Eastern German, and Migrant Mothers of Preschool-aged Children". In: Community, Work & Family, Vol. 20, No. 3, S. 273-291. (vorab online publiziert 10.11.2016)
Bünning, Mareike (2016): "Die Vereinbarkeitsfrage für Männer. Welche Auswirkungen haben Elternzeiten und Teilzeitarbeit auf die Stundenlöhne von Vätern?". In: Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, Jg. 68, H. 4, S. 597-618 (vorab online publiziert 24.10.2016).
Bünning, Mareike/Pollmann-Schult, Matthias (2016): "Family Policies and Fathers' Working Hours". In: Work, Employment and Society, Vol. 30, No. 2, S. 256-274. (vorab online publiziert 18. Juni 2015)
Bünning, Mareike/Pollmann-Schult, Matthias (2016): "Parenthood, Child Care, and Nonstandard Work Schedules in Europe". In: European Societies, Vol. 18, No. 4, S. 295-314. (vorab online publiziert 29.02.2016)
Bünning, Mareike (2015): "What Happens after the 'Daddy Months'? Fathers' Involvement in Paid Work, Childcare, and Housework after Taking Parental Leave in Germany". In: European Sociological Review, Vol. 31, No. 6, S. 738-748. (vorab online publiziert 29. Juli 2015)
Carol, Sarah/Ersanilli, Evelyn/Wagner, Mareike (2014): "Spousal Choice among the Children of Turkish and Moroccan Immigrants in Six European Countries. Transnational Spouse or Co-Ethnic Migrant?". In: International Migration Review, Vol. 48, No. 2, S. 387-414. (Vorab online publiziert 18. Februar 2014)