Prof. Thomas A. DiPrete, Ph.D.


tad61 [at]
Columbia University
601B Knox Hall
606 West 122nd Street
NYC 10027
Former Visiting Researcher of the Research Unit


6-7/2008 Guest of the Research Unit "Skill Formation and Labor Markets"

Selected Publications

Legewie, Joscha/DiPrete, Thomas A. (2014): "Pathways to Science and Engineering Bachelor's Degrees for Men and Women (with Supplement)". In: Sociological Science, Vol. 1, No. February, S. 41-48.
DiPrete, Thomas A./Gelman, Andrew/Teitler, Julien/Zheng, Tian/McCormick, Tyler (2008): Segregation in Social Networks Based on Acquaintanceship and Trust. WZB Discussion Paper SP I 2008-203. Berlin: WZB.