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Dr. Valentina Di Stasio

Portrait Dr. Valentina Di Stasio (Valentina Di Stasio)
Research Fields
  • Labor and Labor Market
  • Education and Training
mail: valentina [dot] distasio [at] nuffield [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk
Former Visiting Researcher of the Research Unit

Valentina Di Stasio has been a postdoctoral researcher at the Skill Formation and Labour Markets research unit and a fellow of the College for Interdisciplinary Education Research (CIDER) until 12/2015. In 2014, she defended her dissertation at the University of Amsterdam, where she also worked as a postdoctoral researcher for the past two years. Her dissertation, titled Why education matters to employers: A vignette study in Italy, England and the Netherlands was a comparative study of whether and why employers rely on educational signals for their hiring decisions. The dissertation was awarded a prize for "Best PhD thesis of the year" by the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR). Her current research interests include: credentialism and overeducation, hiring discrimination, social capital and informal recruitment. Her research draws on various methods, including quantitative analysis of secondary data, vignette studies and field experiments. At the moment Valentina di Stasio is working at the University of Oxford. As Visiting Researcher she is occupied with the Special Issue „Education as social policy“ (2017) of the Journal of European Social Policy together with Heike Solga.

Selected Publications
  • Di Stasio, V., T. Bol & H. G. van de Werfhorst (in press). "What makes education positional? Institutions, overeducation and the competition for jobs". Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.

  • Di Stasio, V. & K. Gërxhani (2015). Employers’ social contacts and their hiring behavior in a factorial survey. Social Science Research 51, 93-107.

  • Reymen, D., M. Gerard, P. de Beer, Meierkord, A., M. Paskov, V. Di Stasio, V. Donlevy, I. Atkinson, A. Makulec, U. Famira-Mühlerberger and H. Lutz. Labor Market Shortages in the European Union. Study for the EMPL Committee. Directorate General for Internal Policies. European Union. doi: 10.2861/65673.


  • Di Stasio, V. (2014). Why education matters to employers - A vignette study in Italy, England and the Netherlands. Dissertation manuscript. University of Amsterdam.

  • Levels, M., R. van der Velden & V. Di Stasio (2014). From school to fitting work: How education-to-job matching of European school leavers is related to educational system characteristics. Acta Sociologica, 57 (4), 341-361.

  • Di Stasio, V. (2014). Education as a Signal of Trainability: Results from a Vignette Study with Italian Employers. European Sociological Review, 30 (6), 796-809.

  • GEMM: field experiments of discrimination

The GEMM project addresses the ‘Migration, Prosperity and Growth Dimension’ of the call on the European Growth Agenda within the Horizon 2020 framework of the European Commission. Over 20 researchers located in eight European countries are involved in the project. Valentina focuses on ethnic discrimination in the British labour market, together with Professor Anthony Heath (University of Oxford, Nuffield College).

  • CIDER (College for Interdisciplinary Education Research)