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War in Ukraine, aggression against political dissidents, terror, populism, xenophobia. If you are looking for traces of violence in our societies, you needn't look far. The new issue of the WZB-Mitteilungen presents a wide range of articles and analyses on power and violence. 

A PDF version of the print issue (in German) is available here. The first online contributions can be found on this page.

Class Struggle and Terrorism

What is the connection between the political exclusion of the poor and the emergence of anarchist and leftist terrorism in the 19th and early 20th centuries? Using historical data, Daniel Meierrieks shows: The exclusion of the poor, the monopolization of political power by rich sections of the population, and class antagonisms favored the emergence of social revolutionary terrorism.


Autocratization and its consequences

In many parts of the world, democracies are under siege. Globally, we are in an ongoing wave of autocratization. In their research, Vanessa Boese and Sebatian Hellmeier monitor current transformations of democracy around the world.


Demonstrations of power

Gabriele Kammerer and Kerstin Schneider spoke with Michael Zürn, Director of Global Governance, about the war in Ukraine, the reaction of the West, and the new strong autocracies.