Coronavirus and its Societal Impact - An Overview of Published Articles

Rustamdjan Hakimov, Dorothea Kübler: Appointments for vaccinations – restoring fairness and avoiding black markets
28 January 2020

Steffen Huck: What Behavioural Economics must learn from the coronavirus crisis
14 December 2020

Thamy Pogrebinschi: Democratic Innovations Help Fight Covid-19 in Latin America
14 September 2020

Swen Hutter, Endre Borbáth, Sophia Hunger: The Political Consequences of Crisis: Lessons learned from the Great Recession
7 May 2020

Jianghong Li: Seeing Both Sides of the Coronavirus Crisis
28 April 2020

Agne Kajackaite: How Scarcity of Certainty Affects Your Cognitive Functioning
27 April 2020

Robert Koepp: What this Pandemic Reveals about the Value of Work
23 April 2020

Florian Butollo: COVID-19 and Global Value Chains: Trigger for a Sound Economic Order?
17 April 2020

John Humphrey and Grzegorz Lechowski: COVID-19 and European Industry. Global Shocks, Local Shocks and Value-Chain Restructuring
17 April 2020

Endre Borbáth: How Does the Coronavirus Strengthen Authoritarianism in Hungary?
15 April 2002

Sana Ahmad: COVID-19 and the Future of Content Moderation
15 April 2020

Tine Hanrieder: The WHO's Paradoxical Mandate
14 April 2020

Mira Fischer: Delayed Policy Responses to COVID-19: The Role of the WHO's Structural Problem
14 April 2020

Anna Holzscheiter: The ugly face of health politics - COVID-19 and the hypocrisy of the 'saving lives' metaphor [published on WZB blog Orders Beyond Borders]
6 April 2020

Ruud Koopmans: The Cosmopolitan Virus - Covid-19 Does Not Strike Randomly
4 April 2020

Jeanette Hofmann: Digital Tracking as a Political Program
2 April 2020

Wolfgang Merkel: Who is the Sovereign?
1 April 2020