WZB becomes a Fairwork Partner

The WZB is seeking to commit to promoting fair work in the platform economy. As a Fairwork Partner, the research center has voluntarily pledged to take the Fairwork ratings into account when using digital labour platforms. This makes the WZB Germany’s first Fairwork Partner.

The Fairwork Secretariat, a cooperation between the WZB and the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford, has been based at the WZB since 2020. The secretariat is the main coordinating office within the international Fairwork project. The project monitors and evaluates working conditions on digital platforms, currently in a total of 26 countries, based on five principles of fair platform work (fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management and fair representation). Fairwork aims to bring together platforms, workers, unions, policy makers and academics to develop and implement alternative visions for a fairer future of work within the platform economy.

With this mission in mind, the project created the Fairwork Pledge. The Pledge enables organizations from academia, civil society, business and the public sector to work with Fairwork in order to promote fair working conditions in the platform economy. Organizations, like the WZB, which decide to become Fairwork Partners commit themselves to applying the Fairwork principles and ratings as a criterion when procuring services offered by digital platforms.


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Martina Sander

Photo from left: WZB's President Jutta Allmendinger, Martin Krzywdzinski, Head of the Research Group Globalization, Work and Production, Pablo Agüera Reneses, Communications Manager at the Fairworks Secretariat, and Ursula Noack, Managing Director, at the presentation of the Fairworks certificate on November 17, 2021.

Learn more about the benchmarks developed by the Fairwork project:

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Fairwork Berlin Talk Series

Fairwork is hosting a series of virtual panel discussions, November 22 - 26, as part of its Winter School to discuss the future of platform labour, alternative visions to shape the platform economy and concrete steps to implement fairer working conditions in the sector. Full program here.