Prof. Gregory Jackson, Ph.D.

Portrait Foto Prof. Gregory Jackson, Ph.D. (Privat)


Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin

Research fields

Corporate Governance | Corporate Responsibility and Irresponsibility | Social Inequality | Comparative Methods


Gregory Jackson is a sociologist and Professor of Management at the Free University Berlin. He is currently an Einstein Research Fellow, until June hosted by the WZB research unit Inequality and Social Policy, and presently until March 2018 by the project group Globalization, Work, and Production. His current project examines the relationship between corporate governance and inequality in a internationally comparative perspective using a large data set of listed corporations. He is chief editor of Socio-Economic Review.

Selected Publications

Jackson, Gregory & Rathert, Nikolas (2017) Private Governance as Regulatory Substitute or Complement? A Comparative Institutional Theory of CSR Adoption by Multinational Corporations.Research in the Sociology of Organizations,Special Issue on “Multinational Corporations and Organization Theory” Dörrenbächer, Christoph & Geppert, Mike (eds.): 445-478.

Jackson, Gregory & Bartosch, Julia (2016) Corporate Responsibility in Different Varieties of Capitalism: Exploring the Role of National Institutions.Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Foundation.

Jackson, Gregory & Witt, Michael A. (2016) Varieties of Capitalism and Institutional Comparative Advantage: A test and Reinterpretation. Journal of International Business Studies, 47(7): 778-806.

Jackson, Gregory. & Fortwengel, Johann (2016) Legitimizing the apprenticeship practice in a distant environment: Institutional entrepreneurship through inter-organizational networks. Journal of World Business,51(6): 895-909.