Work and Skills 2030


The research project investigates the change of job-related tasks and the resulting skill requirements in the automotive industry using the example of the Volkswagen Group. The focus is on two central processes: digitalization and the shift toward electromobility. Digitalization includes changes in the area of products (autonomous driving, the connected car) and processes (Industry 4.0). Electromobility implies a comprehensive change in the workforce structure of the automotive industry, as knowledge and competencies in the area of combustion engine technologies are losing importance and new competencies and knowledge need to be developed. The project relies on case studies of job clusters in the company (manufacturing, logistics, planning, etc.) and a quantitative online survey of employees.

Volkswagen AG
Cooperation partners
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Prof. Sabine Pfeiffer, Prof. Karl Wilbers), ISF München (Dr. Norbert Huchler); SOFI Göttingen (Dr. Martin Kuhlmann), Universität Hannover (Prof. Rita Meyer), Fernuni Hagen (Prof. Uwe Elsholz) und PH Schwäbisch-Gmünd (Prof. Lars Windelband)